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Name: bill falco
Date: 08/05/12
Message: thought you guys made ukuleles know i played one or two on Saturday really enjoyed them

Name: Mark E Arnold
Date: 03/23/11
Message: Hey Tim. It's nice to see all your hard work pay off. NICE site.

Name: Bob Mizek
Date: 12/22/06
Message: Tim, Nice website and nicer products! This could be the start of something big!

Name: Rick Janes
Date: 11/20/06
Message: Hey Tim, Don't you have enough to do at Martin? Actually, it's good to see you on the internet. Hope you have great success with your products. (Need any graphite???) Best, Rich

Name: Eli Shober
Date: 03/30/06
Message: Tim, I like your products very nice work! Eli...

Name: Mallory
Date: 03/10/06
Message: This website is so cool. I purchased a black razzberry pick box and I love it, It's awesome. Good job Teel Guitar Works!!!!

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